The DUDE Debugging Package

what is it?

An application debugger which resides in kernel memory and provides a debugging alternative to ptrace(2). This is primarily intended for systems administrators, virus/antivirus coders, crackers, reverse engineers, and security types -- i.e., anyone who has to debug thrid-party or hostile code in the course of their work.

The debugging package consists of the following tools:

  • the_dude.o, a kernel module providing the core debugging facility
  • libduderino.so, a library exporting an API to wrap the module
  • ddbg, a demonstration implementation using ncurses

    While ddbg works, programmers are encouraged to develop new Xish or console debugger clients based on libduderino.so.

    what does it look like?

    It's a kernel module, it looks like nothing ;P

    The ddbg client debugger, however, looks a bit like SoftICE for the obvious reasons.

    what is the status?

    Not yet fully ported to the "new" 2.6 series kernel, also, the port from x86 to x86-64/AMD64 is currently partial and far from sa[fn]e. So in short, yes, it might compile, but, dude, think twice before trying to modprobe it... (if you do and survive, please drop us a mail :)

    where are the files?

    The DUDE is hosted at a Sourceforge Project Page. Currently the files are only available through CVS

    You need to be a registered sourceforge user to access the CVS repository directly. The CVS source tree can be checked out with the following commands:

        export CVS_RSH
        mkdir the_dude
        cd the_dude
        cvs -dusername@cvs.the-dude.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/the-dude co .
    Alternatively, anyone can download the nightly tarball of the CVS tree at http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cvstarballs/the-dude-cvsroot.tar.bz2 .

    what about support?

    The DUDE abides.

  • Submit a bug
  • Complain on the forum
  • Mail the coder
  • Mail the other coder

  • why is it called the DUDE?


    who's behind it?

  • mammon_, mere coder
  • scientica, coding savage
  • The Grugq, the you're-full-of-it guy

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